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Volume 1: Issue 1

Volume 1: Issue 1

A note from the Editor in Chief

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Avoiding Risk in Information Technology Projects: Selecting New Technology

Author(s):  Sameer Bawaneh
Keywords:  Risk Management, Risk Avoidance, Information Technology, Data Management
Refer this article: S. Bawaneh, Avoiding Risk in Information Technology Projects: Selecting new technology, European Journal of Information Technology and Project Management. 1 (1) (2019) 4-13.

This study will be highlighting the main external issues threatening the IT projects, which could be develop during the project life cycle to be real risk. The expected external risk will be clarified and consider the risk in each IT project phases. The main parts of this article is to be guideline to avoid the external risk of adopting new technology, the first phase is focuses on the understanding of the risk system and concept by define what is risk behind adopting new technology, risk management process, response and analysis ended by reducing risk and increase the probability of IT project success. This part will discuss how to select selected the right IT technology and avoid the technology risk, as technology now is become part of our life not only on the IT environment, and it is the main player when it will come to the IT evolution, either it is new implementation, operation, replacement, upgrade, or any kind of projects.
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